Games & Softwares

We have a couple of talented software developer under our roof. We are a working on games, mobile applications and softwares. Here are software projects on our desk. Also you can check our games from our game developer brand Chagan Studios


Mobile management application for local municipalities. With cooperation of Saysis

I, Drone

A different and creative third person puzzle game from our game studio

Chosen One

A fast action puzzle game for iOS/Android


an content delivery system with daily habit prediction.

Design Projects

Also we love to create and design something new, beautiful and innovative. Innovation is our priority with all of our projects. Here are design projects currently we are working on. Keep in touch, more projects will come.


Do not afraid of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome anymore. Wiro is a newly designed wrist massager/support for your wrists health.


Kayf is first design product of our "Tradition to Future project". Kayf keeps your beverages hot or cold for hours.


nln is second design product of "Tradition to Future Project". nln comforts your feets in hot summers.

Hardware Projects

Like most of you, we love electronic gadgets, toys, etc. We have two talented engineer in our small company. Currently we are working on PBox .


Open source power bank with AC/ DC output project. Funded with Kickstarter

PBox Project

Future and big brother of ACp. A 120.000 mA Li-Ion based power generator with AC, DC, USB and USB-C outputs. And with very unique, patented feature.


About our company.

  • 2009-2015

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Chagan Technology founded as "Fabrikapps" at 2009 by Ahmet Vural, a computer sciences teacher from Gaziantep for developing mobile applications and games with his students from Nizip/GTO Voctional High School Computer Sciences section. Ahmet Vural and his students designed, developed and published a lot of mobile applications. Also they completed a succesfull non-profit Kickstarter project for educational purposes under brand of AVILabs.

  • April 2016

    A New Company is Born

    Chagan Technology (formerly AVILabs) founded officially at April 2016 with support and funds of TUBİTAK after succesfull ACp project. We were working hard to create somethings innovative and accomplish old projects.

  • 2016 Summer/Fall

    A Road Accident

    Because of and triggered by some terrible events happened in Turkey at Summer 2016. We had to gone out of work and closed for months. We lived in uncertainty about our company at this era.

  • 2017 Spring


    We survived as Chagan Technology (Çağan Yazılım Teknolojileri Ltd. Şti.) from that unfortunate era of our life. We started to work again. We worked so hard for fulfilling our duties. We are working hard to create somethings new and innovative since then. Now we set up a desk office in Palo Alto and establishing a base office in Atlanta. Also we have stationary office in Gaziantep, inside Gaziantep University Technopark.

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